About Me

Sathya Shenoy, a full fledged realistic and impressionist artist, started her career as  an engineer and then took up teaching.

She rediscovered her love for art, when a brief illness gave her more time with colours,palette, brush and easel. Her varied interest   in writing, reading, music and learning languages, all got a new meaning through the brush and strokes…

Learning and mastering art  being a continuous journey, she’s on the voyage of surprises discoveries through her paintings.

She continues her  experiment in different mediums ……….watercolour has been her favourite.

She believes painting is meditative.

She is also associated with the Wet Palette watercolor group under the able guidance of renowned watercolour  artist Sunil Linus De who is also her friend, philosopher and guide.

She has recently taken part in international online group exhibitions like Wide Canvas International Group exhibition, Aakansha online International Group exhibition and Art Imagination Reloaded (AIR), the international watercolour group exhibition under the auspices of Wet Palette group.