Five tips for beginner watercolor artists

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Thank you dear friends and art lovers for your tremendous love, good wishes, support, motivation and inspiration. Feeling truly blessed. For those of you new to my website, it was inaugurated
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Though I am very busy with my paintings, as promised to some of you, I am starting my first blog post as a give away. I will try and take time to make and post more such blogs.

Top 5 tips for anyone starting with watercolors

I’m listing here 5 tips that I find would be very useful for those starting off in watercolours. Even if you’re doing water colours for quite some time, in case you aren’t already doing this, these tips would come in handy to you as well.

Tip number 1

Organise Your workspace

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a very organised workspace. An organised workspace helps us as it immediately puts us in the mood to start painting. By organised workspace I mean that you have all your art supplies within easy reach of you. Your essential supplies should include palette, masking tape, watercolour paper, brushes, tissue paper, watercolours and one or 2 jars of water. Scratch paper would also come in handy if you want to test colours before applying it to your final paintings. Before you get started keep all your supplies near you laid out in such a way so as to make your workspace clutter free and your painting process smooth.

Tip number 2

Paper meant for watercolor

Most of us beginning in watercolors have the tendency to use any paper that we see to start our watercolour paintings. This would only lead to frustration, as it would not give us the desired results. We should use only paper that is made for watercolors. It need not be expensive watercolour paper, but we should make sure that the paper we use is suited for watercolors. If we use paper that can be used for multiple medias like For example a sketchbook, the results would not be the same as that when we are using watercolour paper. If we do not use the good watercolour paper it tends to buckle.

Tip number 3

Keep your pencil sketches light

When you paint watercolour over pencil sketches it tends to lock in the graphite. It is very difficult to erase the pencil marks once the watercolour is done. If you rub hard enough it can be erased but it tends to remove some of the water colours and sometimes also spoils the paper. A good solution for this would be to keep your sketches very light. You could sketch in your normal style and then move your eraser over so as to leave a very light sketch.

Tip number 4

Paint light to dark

The watercolor medium is special in the use of its transparency . We always paint from light to dark. We have to plan our paintings ahead in terms of composition, light and shadows. We need to preserve the white of the paper where necessary, right from the beginning and see that these parts are not painted over at any stage of the painting process. If you’re not confident that you cannot leave the white of the paper you can use masking fluids to mask off the areas which are to be highlighted. I prefer to leave the white of the paper.

Tip number 5

Clean your water frequently

It is important that you keep your water clean. As we continue painting the water tends to turn murky and dirty. If we use this water to clean our brushes, the muddy effect will also be reflected onto our paintings. To avoid this, in case you are lazy to go and change your water frequently in between the painting process , you can keep different bowls of water beside you before you start your painting process.
Hope all these tips will come in handy for you.

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